Cyberocks and Minerals was created in 1998 as a Website dedicated to offering collectors aesthetically pleasing and quality minerals, fossils and fluorescents that are reasonably priced.  Our goal is to provide,  "Good pieces at good prices" and to do so we only acquire specimens from reputable sources.  So from Pyrite to Cavansite, thumbnail to cabinet size, we hope that Cyberocks can provide you with specimens you will enjoy.

1st Time Visitors

Welcome again.  Below are listed several sections of specific information about CyberRocks.  These sections will not only explain how to use CyberRocks, but also how we setup and plan to maintain this website.  A Feedback form is also included on this page.

  The name - Why is there only one " r " in Cyberocks?

           We chose to establish the Website name with only one " r " to highlight the combination                      of Cyberspace with Rocks and Minerals.  Since we were combining the two on the Net, we decided to combine the two in our name. In 2005 we were able to secure the name CyberRocks and have changed most of our listing accordingly. Either way, the specimens are the same.

  Who is CyberRocks? 

           My name is Steven M. Shramko and CyberRocks is owned and maintained by myself and my family. We are based in Baltimore, Maryland. I have been a collector for many years and attend most of the major shows and many of the shows on the East Coast, looking for quality specimens at reasonable prices.

Discount Policy 

          Discounts will be given based on the amount purchased and will be as follows:

                Specimen Purchases of:           Discount on Specimens:

                        $100.00 or more                              5% off

                        $200.00 or more                             10% off


No other discounts apply.    Sale specimens do not count toward specimen purchase totals nor do additional discounts apply to them.

  Viewing specimens 

           Click on the specific section that you are interested in, Mineral, Fossil or Fluorescents, Meteorites and go to the CYBERFLAT® page. Here you can select either a specific type of specimen or the general specimen flat. Clicking on a flat will take you to a page of those particular specimens.  At the bottom of each page there are also links to the other sections, the Home Page and the Ordering Page. If you are interested in purchasing a specimen, please note the specimen number, name and price.    


  Purchasing specimens 

      If you would like to purchase a specimen, click on the ordering button and choose the easiest way for you to order from us. All specimens will be shipped by the U.S. Postal Service's Priority Shipping unless otherwise specified by you.  The total amount of the purchase price will include the total of the specimens purchased and the exact amount of shipping to the destination specified.  There is no handling charge and there is no minimum purchase required.  You can pay for your purchases by either Pay Pal, check, money order.  If paying by check or money order, an order confirmation will be sent by us to inform you as to the exact shipping charge that you must add to your specimen total and your check or money order. All transactions must be in US Dollars and checks and money orders must be drawn from US Banks.  Your purchases will be shipped upon receipt of payment. The return check fee is $25.00.  


  Order Confirmation 

         Upon receipt of your order, we will provide you with a confirmation of your order.  Your order confirmation will include the items ordered and the total purchase price including the exact shipping charge and applicable sales tax.  Maryland residents add 5%  to your order. The order confirmation will hopefully prevent any confusions with your order.      

  Specimen Satisfaction Policy

       This is a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.  Returns are accepted for a full refund of the specimen purchase price and any sales tax paid as long as they are returned within a period of 5 days from the date you receive them and are returned in their original condition when shipped from CyberRocks.  We take extra care in packing and shipping your specimens to insure they arrive at your door in the same condition they leave ours.  As long as the returned specimens are received by us in their original condition, you will receive a refund.     



CyberRocks is not responsible for typographical errors.  

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  Image Specifics

        Mineral and Fossil specimens are photographed with a Mavica Digital camera while the Fluorescents are photographed with a Kodak  Digital Camera and are imported directly into the computer. The lighting used to illuminate  the mineral and fossil specimens consists of 2 Solex lights. Small spotlights may also be used. Natural light is also sometimes used. For fluorescent specimens, a Raytech SW218 fluorescent light is used and placed 6 - 12 inches above and directly over the specimen. Every effort is made to accurately reflect the look, color and quality of the specimen with the image you see on CyberRocks. Any difference in the appearance of the image from the actual specimen will be noted below the image.                                                

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